Can I combine remote and in class training?

Absolutely! A lot of students do exactly that. They come in some days and take it via Skype the others. Every class we have 3+ students taking it from Skype, so we have the dynamics teaching over Skype worked out well. 

How big are the training groups?

For every 6wks Bootcamp our maximum enrollment is no more than 10 students. This is very individual training and hence require quite a bit of individual attention, therefore we do not enroll more than 10 people in this training. It’s on: first to come first serve basis. 

What is Free Class and should I attend?

The Free class is developed to give students a detailed understanding about the Bootcamp. We will go over the syllabus as well as any questions that you may have regarding the training, the job search after and knowledge that you will possess. Generally, Director of Admissions along with the instructor attend the Free class to address any questions. 

What is the total price for the training? Are there any additional costs associated with the training?

The total cost for the training is $3075. That includes $3000 tuition cost + $75 non-refundable application fee. 

The cost is broken down in 3 installments: 

1- $1075 to secure you spot in the class. Includes 100% refundable (until the end of second session) deposit +$75 non-refundable application fee

2- $1000 Week 3 

3- $1000 Week 5 


Is the class taught using real projects?

Yes. During the training, you are building your own test framework utilizing real-life projects (i.e. websites and mobile apps if applicable) 

Will I get audio and video recordings of the training?

Yes. Every student after third or fourth class will get full audio and video recordings of all session that you can listen to anytime. 

How to get the most benefit from this training

We developed few recommendations that one needs to understand before the training and use during the training:

  1. Java Selenium Web Driver training is a bootcamp, which means that you’ll be expected to comprehend and digest a lot of information during the week. So be prepared to stay focused and spend time at home. We recommend about 100 hours home studying on top of 120 hrs of in-class instructions to benefit the most from the training. Furthermore, if you have a full-time job, a baby at home and busy life, this may not be the right time to take this training. It does require time commitment and focus1
  2. The ideal candidate for this training is someone who has been a Manual QA Testers and is ready to step up to do automation 
  3. Get the laptop with fairly advanced CPU and RAM . This will allow you to faster compile your code 
  4. Try not to be late to the class and come in early if you need additional clarifications on things
  5. Don’t be shy to ask questions

Is there any prerequisites for this training?

Currently, the only prerequisite for the training is prior experience as Manual Tester or Computer Science Degree. This is not the training for someone who is not from IT industry. 

What location is the training held in?

All our trainings are held in our office in Daly City. We are located right across the street from Colma Bart Station and have plenty of street parking right outside of our office. The location is convenient from commute from all directions (South, East, SF, North)

Can I take the course remotely?

Yes you can! We offer this class in real time through Skype. Every class we have more than one student taking this class over Skype, so we have the dynamics worked out. It will be as effective as taking it in the class.

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